Over the past few decades we have seen tech development and manufacturing explode across the globe. While the United States is a central figure in the tech industry, we are still lacking behind China and Taiwan.

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In 1990, the U.S. was in control of 37% of semiconductor manufacturing. As of 2020 however, the U.S. only controls about 12% of that industry, a massive drop over 30 years.

It's time to get back on top.

Intel's Expansion

The plan to get American back on top starts with Intel. Their hope is to open up new manufacturing plants across the U.S. to boost their own output and, as a result, the output of America.

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The plants will open in two different states with the money from the 2022 CHIPS and Science Act, around $102.7 Billion all totaled.

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Arizona's Part to Play

Along with Ohio, Arizona was selected as one of the two states to start an intel expansion.

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Ohio will be receiving a $20 Billion facility in Albany, though the construction will not be complete until around 2026. Arizona, on the other hand, is only adding to its chipmaking dominance.

Arizona has already dove headfirst into the tech pool with the greenlighting of a massive Phoenix microchip facility built by Taiwan's TSMC. To add to this, Intel's plans involve a multi-billion dollar expansion of their previously existing facilities in Chandler.

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These additions to the Arizona tech industry will lead the state to the larger table in conversations of tech development and manufacturing. With these changes, Arizona will become one of the most prevalent voices on this topic, as well as boost its own economy tenfold.

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