As the sun shone a new dawn in the waking hours of 2022, a new dawn was approaching for the internet.

The federal government began the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) on the last day of 2021. The program allowed families across the United States to use home internet without stress or hassle.

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It's all going away.

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What is the ACP?

You might not know what the Affordable Connectivity Plan is, but you're likely under its umbrella. With half a million Arizona residents caught in its web, and more than 23 million households across the United States, the FCC has effectively brought affordable internet to everyone who needs it.

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The program caps internet bills at $30, or $75 on tribal land, which is a massive upgrade from the constantly rising internet prices sweeping the nation.

As a member of the program myself, it's kept my internet bill to $21 a month, which while not necessary to my survival, is a nice money saver on something I use every day.

Bye-Bye ACP

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Just like that street taco I got the other day that found its way out of my hand and down to the cold, hard ground, not all good things can stay.

Starting in mid-march of 2024, members of the program began to start receiving emails that the program is being shut down. Due to a lack of funding on Capitol Hill the FCC is forced to cut the program in its entirety.

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Joe Biden is currently talking to Congress to attempt to shift funding around to keep the ACP budget up, but it is unclear if this will actually cause any change.

In the meantime, make sure to check your email to see if you were a member of this program, and if your internet bill is going to be raised.

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The program will officially cease function in April 2024.

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