After Uber's release to the public in 2009, ridesharing has become one of the most valuable and widely used markets in the world.

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The idea is simple: A taxi service that anyone can drive for to make extra money. While this idea is phenomenal in concept, the issue of drivers having limited background checks has grown.

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The Problem

With a lack of true screening for driver candidates, it becomes easy for anyone with a car and some free time to drive. In theory, this means that just about anybody can sign up and make money with these services.

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With this, as always, comes the creeps. Many women who rely on rideshare services feel uncomfortable with their drivers, in fear that they will try to take advantage of them, kidnap them, or worse.

Rideshares are meant to be for everyone, and if a certain group feels they cannot use it without concern for their safety it's time for a change.

The Solution

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Seeing this problem happen to her and her friends, Casa Grande resident Megan Hjelle took matters into her own hands. Hjelle created Alegna, Arizona's first woman only rideshare service.

Alegna only services and employs women in Maricopa and Pinal counties, making sure that women take care of women. Each driver is expected to be CPR and First-Aid certified, as well as trained in self defense. Each car also comes equipped with a self defense kit.

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Hjelle created Alegna because she felt that women deserve to have fun without worrying about outside stresses. By cutting one of the scariest parts from going out for women, she ensures that Women across Arizona can enjoy their time out with piece of mind.

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