No one's perfect, especially not while driving. We all have to pass an exam to prove our knowledge of road rules and driver safety before we're allowed to hit the road, but some minor things slip through the cracks while behind the wheel.

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While breaking small traffic rules is incredibly common, the Sierra Vista police have begun cracking down on one specific law that most drivers violate regularly.

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What is a California Stop?

A California Stop can be defined as when a driver does not come to a complete stop when at a stop sign, or when turning onto a road from a driveway. Rolling through stop signs may seem harmless, especially when you're the only one at an intersection, but it does carry danger regardless.

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Pedestrians may be walking or biking across crosswalks or the perpendicular street may not have stop signs itself, both of which leading to potential accidents if neither party is observant enough.

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Police Crack Down

Due to concern from many across Sierra Vista, the police force will begin "Operation California Stop" in February 2024. This is an incredibly high priority for the force, and they will take every measure possible to solve the issue.

If caught not obeying this traffic law, you will be subject to a citation, which will hopefully keep your foot on the brake when approaching a stop sign.

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It may seem like a nuisance to come to a complete stop when you are completely alone on the street, but this is meant to keep our community roadways safer. Even when you believe there's no one watching, make sure to avoid rolling through intersections to keep yourself and others safe while behind the wheel.

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