The City of Sierra Vista has a number of sports improvements going on around Sierra Vista. These improvements bring in sports events and, in turn, revenue to our area. This is one instance where our local government is working with our local school district to make the kid's spots programs better at school and save everyone some money in the process.  So when a government entity gets more money than it spends or has more equipment than it can use, it becomes a government surplus, and the in this case, the government surplus is put to good use and put back into the local community.

Here is the City of Sierra Vista Press Release:

The City Council approved the donation of surplus sports field lights and lighting accessories to the Sierra Vista Unified School District at its regular meeting on Thursday.

The lights were replaced in 2019 with dark sky-friendly, low-energy LED lighting as part of the City’s phase one energy initiative with Schneider Electric and the old lights have not been in use since. The current value of the equipment is about $62,500. The surplus items include 11 light bar assemblies, 78 light head fixtures with bulbs, three switch boxes, miscellaneous loose bulbs, and 33 power boxes.

SVUSD expressed interest in using the lighting equipment on its practice ballfields. The donation benefits the district’s athletic programs and saves taxpayer dollars the district would need to spend to purchase new lights. SVUSD and the City have a long history of partnership and cooperative agreements for the betterment of the community.

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