The Sierra Vista City Council has made some amendments. You can always be involved in these changes. See below how you can get involved. Here is the City of Sierra VIsta Press release.

Sierra Vista, AZ.  04/07/23. The Sierra Vista City Council approved the adoption of a series of amendments to the City’s development code at its regular meeting on Thursday.

The amendments were approved for a 30-day public comment period on Feb. 23 and no comments were received. They were recommended for adoption by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The changes adopted on Thursday include:

  • Establishing permit requirements for unattended donation containers to mitigate potential public nuisance impacts if they are not properly maintained.
  • Establishing a tiered development review process with more clearly defined thresholds that better guide applicants on the permitting process. This would clearly delineate the levels of review and submittal requirements associated with site plan review to be in relative proportion to the impact on the community.
  • Changes to setbacks for single-family homes to provide more flexibility and accommodate current housing trends.
  • Reducing the front and side yard setbacks on multi-family parcels in the Urban Infill Overlay District to allow for design flexibility, pedestrian-orientated development, and a more diverse and attractive streetscape.

The City Council also approved the adoption of an ordinance to allow the City to assess the costs associated with the collection of delinquent refuse fees by a third-party collection agency to the delinquent customer. The only public comment received on this proposed change was in favor of it.

In other business, the City Council approved a resolution restating the City’s commitment to Fair Housing in Sierra Vista.

More information from Thursday’s City Council meeting is available in the supporting documents for the Thursday, April 6, City Council meeting. They can be accessed via the City’s website at

City Council meetings can be streamed live and past meetings can be viewed on YouTube. The meetings are also aired on Cox Channel 12. Learn more at or in the “Council HQ” page at


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