I went to college at The University of Florida, one of the most prestigious state schools in the country. While Florida is an excellent school, that excellence comes at a price, and not a cheap one.

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Luckily, Florida takes care of its own with the Bright Future Scholarship, a program sponsored by the Florida Lottery that pays for Florida residents to go to college for free as long as their GPA and test scores are up to par.

While Arizona doesn't have an all encompassing scholarship like that, they're still making sure students can further their education, and have fun doing it.

My Picture Perfect Career Photo Contest

You might be surprised to know, but ever since I was a young boy, I knew I had to be a radio DJ. Most young students already have an idea of their future career, and Arizona wants to know what!

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The Picture Perfect Career contest is open to all Arizona students K-12 and gives an opportunity for students to look to the future, and prepare for it. Students are asked to submit a picture of themselves that represents their dream job.

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What Does the Scholarship Offer?

10 winners will be selected from Arizona, and be gifted $529 towards a new or existing AZ529 Education Savings Plan. This plan allows families a tax-free way to save money for their children's higher education.

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This contest is an excellent way to get younger students interested in their future, while giving them the means to make it happen.

Students can submit their photos HERE until June 9th.



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