Adult entertainment has always been a legal issue. Content found on adult websites is meant to only be accessible to those 18 or older, but that is almost never the case.

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The internet has allowed for younger children to access anything they want, and as hormones begin to kick in, adult websites are some of the first they seek out.

Age Restriction

In order to stop young, impressionable children from stumbling onto content they shouldn't see, many states and even the federal government have considered adding age verification to these sites.

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This raises an issue, however, as it would act as almost a punishment for those above 18. Those against these restrictions believe it's a violation of the first amendment, and see younger internet users coming across sites like these as a natural curiosity of growing up.

Arizona lawmakers see the restrictions as a necessary way to protect kids in the state, and have been pushing House Bill 2586, which would require age verification to access any adult sites.

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The Veto

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Despite massive public approval for the bill, it was shot down on by Governor Katie Hobbs on Monday, April 8th. The Republicans who drafted and pushed this bill are incredibly unhappy with this decision, and see it as the floodgates opening on the corruption of our children.

On the other side of the isle are the Democrats, who saw this bill as an overreach in government surveillance and are very happy with Hobbs' decision.

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Hobbs stated that the bill "goes against settled case law", and would be an injustice to the state of Arizona if passed.

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