Adopting a new pet is one of the most special moments life can bring. The happiness of bringing home your new best friend is unparalleled.

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While adoption is a relatively simple process, it still costs a nice chunk of change to help your fur baby find their forever home.

A crisis at the Arizona Humane Society has made that process 100% easier.

Humane Society Crisis

The Arizona Humane Society is one of the most selfless organizations across the state. They help rehabilitate and rehome abused, sick, and lost pups in the hopes that they find their perfect owner.

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Perfect owners aren't coming around as much anymore it seems, as the entire organization is at maximum capacity More than 1,600 pets are in the system currently, with more expected to show up as the summer gets hotter.

With so many pets ready to be taken home, representatives have said that they're taking up space that could be used for treatment and rehabilitation.

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How do you solve this problem?

Making Adoption Even Easier

The Humane Society understands that the price of an adoption may turn away potential families, so they made a change. From June 27th to July 6th, the Arizona Humane Society will be offering free, let me say that again, FREE adoptions.

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Volunteers at shelters are ecstatic about this change, hoping it brings in more families than normal. They take their treatment of animals very seriously, and this is an excellent way to begin focusing more on their needs.

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If this sounds appealing to you, or if you just want to bring home another furry friend, visit The Arizona Humane Society.

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