Air travel is hard on everyone. Booking flights, packing, rushing to the airport, running through TSA only to barely make it to your gate before being stuck in a seat the size of a coaster between 2 strangers for hours on end.

Travelling with pets is even harder, and if you need a support animal? Forget it.

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One airline is about to open service in Arizona, and it's changing the game for pet owners.

Who is Bark Air?

Bark Air is the aerial division of Bark, a dog product service that offers food, toys, and subscription boxes for your pup. In the company's 12 year run, Bark has focused solely on these products before they realized there was an untapped market to look at.

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Bark Air is the first 'dog-centric' airline, making long-distance travel with pets a breeze. Everything about these flights caters to the dogs, from flight attendants and concierges that are trained vets, to pheromones pumped on the plane to ease anxiety in the dogs.

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Arizona's Role

Arizona has become part of Bark Air's newest expansion, with flights to and from Phoenix's Sky Harbor starting on November 23rd. Seven other domestic and international routes will open with the Sky Harbor route, adding more options to the airline's growing destinations.

Dog at a terminal with a suitcase, tickets, and sunglasses
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Each flight carries nine passengers and their dogs, but at a steep cost. Flights from Sky Harbor to Chicago Midway Airport are going for $6,000 per ticket. Those who truly want to pamper their pet may not mind the price tag as much, but those with service animals that need to travel may be getting left out.


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