If you asked me what my perfect weekend was, I'd probably tell you that I'd be in a small boat on a lake somewhere, blasting Jimmy Buffet, and casting a line.

Man and his son fish on a small boat
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Fishing is one of the best ways to get out amongst the natural world, and spend some time with your loved ones at that. However, there's always been a barrier, albeit a small one, to fishing in Arizona.

The rules don't apply this weekend.

Arizona Fishing License

Fishing in Arizona seems like it should be easy enough to accomplish.

Step 1: Find water

Step 2: Cast your line

Step 3: Profit

Man holds up a fish he just caught
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Not so! A Fishing License is actually required in Arizona before you can set off on the lake. Luckily, licenses are relatively cheap in the Grand Canyon State, only $37 for those 18 and up, and only five bucks for children under 18.

These prices allow just about anyone to set out on the water and find their perfect fishing spot, but the first weekend in June aims to make it easier for anyone to fish.

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Free Fishing Day 2024

Two men fish at sunset
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As a part of National Fishing and Boating Week, the Arizona Game & Fish Department has set up Free Fishing Day, an annual event where licenses are not required to fish in Arizona waters.

While children 10 and under can fish for free all year long, this gives older kids and adults the opportunity to try out fishing in the state before they commit to a License fee. While fees are waived, all other rules and regulations apply, such as bag limits and release rules.

[Arizona Game and Fish Department]

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