When I was a kid, my parents used to open our doors, push us out into the world, and tell us to be home by sundown alive. My brother and I would get into mischief that only young kids could, and if we got hurt, there were always Band-Aids back home.

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Part of youth is taking risks, doing stupid things, and learning from example. Kids love the rush of adrenaline, so families will always go try and catch that high.

Arizona's just placed restrictions on one of their favorites.

Off-Road Vehicles Restrictions

ATVs are some of humanity's most fun vehicles. They're off-road juggernauts that are meant to tank anything in their path, and kids love them. It gives younger children a chance to experience driving before they get their license.

Those days are over.

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Arizona has just passed Senate Bill 1567, which adds heavy regulations to OHVs (Off Highway Vehicles). The bill outlaws consumption or possession of alcohol while behind the wheel, bringing it to the same standard as normal vehicles.

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Sorry Kids

While outlawing alcohol is a part of the bill, it's overshadowed by the meat and potatoes, specifically the part outlawing underage drivers. The bill makes it clear that, in order to operate this machinery, you must have a valid drivers license. If caught, minors parents will be issued a citation.

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Minors are also required to wear a helmet while on OHVs, unless they are secured with a safety harness or the vehicle has a rollover protection system.

While kids are still more than welcome to join along with parents on ATV excursions, their time behind the wheel is up.


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