Getting properly medicated for any kind of illness is essential. Whether for the common cold or mental health struggles, over 65% of Americans take medication in some form or another.

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The most reliable way to acquire or refill prescriptions is through pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens. Due to recent cyber attacks, however, Arizona residents may have trouble getting their medicine through their normal means.

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Coming Down With a (Computer) Virus

Earlier this week, insurance provider United Health Group was the victim of a ruthless cyber attack that tore its way through the UHG systems.

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It seems that this is part of a coordinated attack against the United States. Chandler Gilbert Community College professor Mizan Rahman says that this attack bears similarities to other attacks that have originated from Russia and China.

How Will This Affect Arizonans?

The hackers might have hoped that this attack would cripple the U.S. infrastructure and topple the American society. Unfortunately for them, the damage is minimal.

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Pharmacies like Walgreens have reported that their medications will be delayed, meaning Arizona residents with a desperate need for their medicine may have to wait for their local pharmacy to get back to square one. This attack may also delay surgeries at larger hospitals due to their need for certain medications.

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Several valley hospitals have stated that this attack has had no effect on them, while others have declined to comment. With these attacks becoming more and more common, Rahman believes that the U.S. needs to look into hiring more cyber-proficient I.T. specialists to fight back.

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