Arizona has its fair share of celebrity residents. From Alice Cooper to Emma Stone, the Grand Canyon State is stuffed with talent.

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While many of these stars were born and raised here, there's one former child star that chose to make Arizona his home, and he's never been happier.

In the Middle

Born in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey, a young boy began to have aspirations of the silver screen. By the age of 12, he'd make his way to made for TV movies before finally landing the role that would push him to stardom: Linwood Boomer's "Malcolm in the Middle".

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That boy was Frankie Muniz, who portrayed the titular Malcolm. The show was a breakout success, and Muniz was catapulted to the upper echelon of Hollywood fame.

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Time to Get Away

Muniz was suddenly one of the biggest stars on the planet, a dream come true for most, and a nightmare for those involved. The fame had a cost on Muniz, as he began having strokes and other medical emergencies despite his lifelong sobriety.

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The pressure had gotten to him, and he needed to get away. Where, you may ask? Where do you think?

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Home Sweet Home

When Malcolm in the Middle ended in 2006, Muniz saw the writing on the wall, and two years later, he packed his bags, bowed out of the spotlight, and ditched Los Angeles for Scottsdale, Arizona.

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He's been very open about his decision, stating that it literally saved his life. The stress was gone, and now he can focus on his family, and whatever side projects he wants to, like his Olive Oil business or joining the NASCAR Xfinity series as a driver (which he's doing incredible at).

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Frankie is living his best life in Scottsdale now, so if you're ever in the metro-phoenix area, don't be surprised if you see your favorite sitcom star grabbing a coffee.

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