163 years ago, the southern United States seceded from the north and began the American Civil War. To this day, it stands as the bloodiest conflict in American history and provided a lesson for the then budding nation: we work better together as a team.

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Despite nearly 200 years since the north reclaimed the southern rebels, the country is still at war, albeit a much quieter one.

Arizona residents want to bring the noise.

How Did We End Up Here?

Let's take a time machine back a few years. It's 2016, Harambe has been shot in his enclosure, Vine is coming to the end of its life, and Kanye West released his last album before falling under massive controversy.

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This year, Donald Trump Jr. will defeat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, creating the most visible schism between U.S. citizens since the days of the Union and Confederacy.

This election created a distrust in the government from both sides, which snowballed into what is now being called "The National Divorce", pitting Republicans and Democrats alike against each other.

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I Have an Idea! Let's Leave!

Arizona leaving the US
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Arizona is not the first state to consider secession, Texas recently gained notoriety for attempting to create a new nation in the wake of President Joe Biden's negligence at the border.

Arizona residents are feeling the same pressure as discussions about border security are reaching new highs. In a poll asking both Republicans and Democrats across the U.S. their thoughts on secession, Arizona raked in a whopping 18% in favor of secession. Weirdly enough, more Arizona residents (31% to be precise) voted in favor of another state leaving the Union, while 23% believed that there is a constitutional right to secession.

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These numbers do rank low compared to other states that were polled, coming in at #22 out of 33 polled states, so don't expect the stars and bars to be flying outside of the Arizona capitol anytime soon.

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