We love to idolize our heroes. Whether they be soldiers, teachers, or politicians, we try to remember and capture the spirit of the role models we've followed as a society. Sometimes we find tributes that do the opposite and tear down those who brought themselves up.

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Even less frequent, however, is a tribute so bizarre and off-kilter that it's hard to find what the artist was trying to capture in the first place.

That's what the John McCain Broadway Musical is.

Ghost of John McCain

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. There is a musical coming to Broadway based on John McCain, specifically his time in the afterlife.

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"The Ghost of John McCain" written by Scott Elmegreen and Drew Fornarolo follows John McCain's spirit trapped within the mind of former president Donald Trump as he meets American political icons and discusses the real meaning of American values.

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This, obviously did not go over well with McCain's family, who see the production as a slap in the face to the former Senator and Presidential candidate.

John McCain standing in front of an American flag
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McCain's daughter Meghan took to Twitter (no I will not call it X) and had some very choice words for all those involved in the production.

While the musical itself is a satirical comedy and meant to be taken lightly, choosing a beloved politician who passed away only six years ago to poke fun at, especially in such an odd way, is a choice that people are understandably upset about.

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The show will open in the SoHo Playhouse this summer and will show from August 7th to November 5th, just in time for election day.



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