Every year, millions across the globe ring in the new year by setting a promise to themselves. Whether it be to hit the gym daily, stop smoking, or spend more time with family, we plan on changing a certain aspect of our life over the course of the year.

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Some of these are easier to keep than others, but as the year keeps going, more and more stop pushing for their resolution entirely.

Arizona's staying strong.

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How Many Arizonans Keep Their Resolutions?

A recent study has been conducted, asking Americans what their resolutions are, and how they've fared in the first six months. Around 54% of Americans said that they couldn't keep their resolution, with that number being around 59% for women and 47% for men.

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Arizona ranks as the third most faithful state in the United States, with only 21% of responders in the state revealing that they were unable to keep their resolution.

Which Resolutions are the Hardest to Keep?

At the top of the list are the usual suspects. The more common the resolution, the more likely it is to be dumped more often. Getting more exercise is at the top of the list, with 34% of the survey claiming that was their resolution. After that is eating healthier and saving money, at 24% and 8% respectively.

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As for why these resolutions weren't followed, most people gave the same reasons. Lack of motivation, temptation, work stress, fatigue, and financial constraints are the main reasons most Americans can't finish their resolution, but it seems like Arizona's ahead of the curve.


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