Last summer was the deadliest in Phoenix's history. 645 residents of Phoenix alone passed away due to heat related illnesses, and this summer's shaping up to be worse.

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In order to combat the rising fear of heat-related deaths, the Phoenix Fire Department has adopted a radical new method that may help save hundreds of lives.

The Danger of Arizona Summers

Summers in Arizona are some of the most brutal in the world. With temperatures sitting in the low hundreds for days on end and the inherent dryness of the desert, it's a near impossible task for humans to survive more than a few minutes outside.

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The most serious affliction is Heat Stroke, cutting off the body's ability to sweat, and rapidly increasing the internal body temperature. The internal temperature can reach well above 100 degrees in just 15 minutes, which makes transport to a hospital a difficult step to take care of.

Since the body doesn't cool down fast enough, ma victims are unable to be transported to a hospital in time, but local firefighters think they have a solution.

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What is Cold-Water Immersion?

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If you've served in the military or regularly run marathons, this may seem familiar to you. Cold-Water Immersion is a practice where the patient is put inside a body bag filled with ice. This helps cool the body down en route to the hospital.

This procedure has become standard in Phoenix area hospitals, and the equipment needed is now standard issue in every Phoenix Fire Department Vehicle. This will help first responders drastically allowing the body to cool quicker, and allowing a better chance at survival.

paramedics helping someone on the street
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This is an incredible development that will help save hundreds of lives this summer, and will hopefully stay in use into the near future.

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