Term limits in American politics are a weird thing. Most politicians have them to ensure that election cycles can happen, but there are a select few that get away with a lifetime position.

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The best example of this is the U.S. Supreme Court, which does not enforce term limits on any sitting judges. Politicians in the state of Arizona want to join them.

Why Term Limits May Be Abolished

Two judges are currently on the hot seat in Arizona's State Supreme Court. They fought for the hotly contested 19th century abortion ban, which may have harmed their chances at re-election this next cycle.

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Currently, Supreme Court Justices in the state of Arizona are capped at a six year term, while Superior Court judges are capped at four. This allows for voters to have the say on who runs the Arizona judicial system. For better or worse, it upholds the idea of democracy.

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YOU Have a Say

Don't worry, term limits are safe for now. The day of reckoning comes on election day. Both chambers in the state legislature have agreed to let voters take matters into their own hands this November.

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Luckily, it won't be an unchecked system if this bill goes through. Judges will be required to submit to a judicial review committee that will hold members accountable despite the indefinite term limits.

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If the bill is passed, any vote to kick judges out will be retroactively cancelled. If it is passed and the two judges are kicked off, Governor Katie Hobbs will be in charge of picking their replacements.


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