When my grandfather passed away in 1996, my family was distraught. He was a larger than life figure who fought for his country, stood up for those around him, and loved unconditionally.

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Credit: Peter Cappiali

He was so loved by so many, that after his funeral, the family made their way to his favorite bar, ordered a round, and spent the night drinking, laughing, and remembering the joy he brought to his loved ones.

One Mesa family had the same idea, and decided to go bigger.

Putting the "Fun" in Funeral

Friends making a toast
Credit: Canva

Recently, the Young family of Mesa, AZ went through something no family should. Husband, and father to three, Brandon, passed away prematurely. This rocked the family, who refused to say goodbye to their best friend with a boring funeral.

Thus, the FUNeral was born.

Friends dressed up at a block party
Credit: Canva

Born out of Brandon's relentless energy and fun-loving spirit, the Young family invited all of his friends to a celebration of his life and legacy.

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What Does a FUNeral Entail?

This event was meant to be a celebration of one person, so the Young's created Brandon's perfect party. His favorite food was served, everyone was offered popsicles (his favorite sweet treat), painting stations were set up, and his favorite music was played all day long.

Friends gather on a roof
Credit: Canva

The party took place in Young's backyard, and had slides, carnival rides, and every activity you can think of. Brandon's art was on display, and his record collection was put out for people to take home a keepsake to remember their buddy.

Hundreds of people showed up, all out of love for the man they'd gotten to know for so long. Hug your family and friends, love one another, and celebrate every day we have on this beautiful planet.

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