On Sheriff Mark Dannels radio show "First Watch" he always has a Safety Message of the Week. This week he talked about School bus safety and stopping for a school bus when it has it's flashing lights and stop sign out.
Sheriff Mark Dannels: If I stop you after going through a stop sign of a school bus, you automatically get a ticket; you're charged for that. When the lights start flashing, that's your notice to slow down. Some people accelerate, and that's the wrong move: kids see the bus, and they're coming across the street. The flashing lights are your warning. Once that stop sign arm comes out, you have to stop. The only provision is if it's a divided highway, separated by pavement or some kind of physical barrier like a median. I would still give you the advice to slow down because you never know what kids are going to do. Kids aren't looking for you; we should be looking for them. If it's not divided, Highway 92, for example, is a four-lane; in the Hereford and Palominas area, you have to stop even if the school bus is on the far side of the road and you're on the other side. Highway 92 is not a separated highway.

Spread the message and keep our kids safe.
Flashing lights are a warning the bus is about to stop. Slow down and prepare to stop.
When the STOP sign swings out, you are required to stop in both directions (unless divided highway, separated by pavement or some kind of physical barrier)


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