The Las Lagunas de Anza wetlands in Nogales Arizona has many years of history. From 700 A.D until the present it has gone through a lot of changes. It was the home of the Hohokam people and the Apache Indians also lived there. Many farmers through the years have benefited from the land.

In the 50’s the area that was north of Las Lagunas was filled in and became a drive in movie theater.

In 1992 the Juan Bautista de Anza Trail was recognized as a National Historic Trail. This location was one of the campsites used in the Anza Expedition.

In 1999 Cabot Sedgwick purchased the site and planned on draining the marsh and building on it. However, when he learned the historic significance of the area, Mr. Sedgwick wanted to preserve it.

The many financial grants and awards allowed them to begin to rebuild the wetlands to their original form.

Plan a visit to the Las Lagunas de Anza wetlands in Nogales, they have many things to see and do. There are three main trails to hike. At the front entrance to the Ramada are sings that tell the history of the Anza Expedition. At the mesquite grove is an area for an outdoor classroom. At the discovery gardens, they have an annual harvest dinner made with harvests from the gardens. There is a wood bird blind to birdwatch and view other wildlife. The virgin de Guadalupe shrine. Behind the shrine is a box for the National Park Service Passport Program.

Las Lagunas de Anza

966 West Country Club Dr

Nogales, Arizona 85621

Open to the public Tuesday through Sunday 7AM – 7pm.



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