Reddit was split after a man declared that he was done funding his adult child's rent and expenses after disagreeing with their career choice.

While raising his children as a single parent, he always told his kids he would "pay for their college so they [wouldn't] graduate with debt but there are strings attached." His main stipulation was that they needed to select degrees that would "support their lifestyle." He also agreed to support them for one year after graduating, "after which they [would be] on their own."

"My eldest graduated last year with a degree with which I wholeheartedly disagree. We’ve had heated discussions about their career choice while they were in school but I was unsuccessful at getting this child to change their mind due to their passion for this field," the dad continued on Reddit.

He explained that the child is "working in a field that pays about $65,000 a year with a career ceiling of approximately $85,000," and believes there is "not a path to make more in this career in our city and state."

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The dad bought them a car and has been paying for the insurance and maintenance, as well as buying all of their groceries.

"I’ve also been paying my child’s $5,000 a month apartment rent and utilities since last year and now their lease is coming up and they want to resign it. When they came to me a couple of days ago, I reminded them it’s been a year and now they’re on their own," he wrote.

The pair got into a "heated discussion," and he informed them that they would have to move out of the apartment and "find another job" if they could not afford their lifestyle.

"I refuse to budge as they knew this was coming and I wanted to make sure my other kids know I’m serious about them earning their own way through life. During our discussion, I dropped the other shoe that they’re responsible to pay their own way from now on which includes our family reunion vacation next summer. They argued there’s no way they can afford to pay for everything including a [two-week] vacation in Europe on their salary," he continued.

His child "begged" him to reconsider, however, he refused.

"This child called their grandparents, aunts, and uncles (my parents, sisters, and brothers) to try to get them to change my mind. My other kids are staying out of it but the rest of the family is even split. Half think I should continue to pay since I can easily afford to while the other half agree with my sink or swim decision," he concluded.

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Reddit users in the comments section were also split on whether the dad made the right decision.

"You need to look at how realistic a [two] week vacation is for anyone who is just a year out of graduating from any profession. Funding her life should be on her but if you plan on keeping a relationship with her you really need to rethink how you treat her," one person wrote.

"If [poster] has been paying $5k/month in rent it is safe to assume he is quite wealthy and I suspect his vacation reflects that. Makes sense to end help around living expenses but if you want your kid on your vacation, you gotta subsidize it for them," another commented.

"Graduating without debt and making $65k a year? S--t Europe is doable. I have debt, and make around that and can afford a Europe vacation at least every other year. I find international trips a lot cheaper than domestic," someone else shared.

"It’s laughable that she wanted to keep a lease that takes up her ENTIRE salary and probably more if you account for taxes," another weighed in.

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