Arizona is a desolate state by definition. Lying within the American Southwest deserts, civilization tends to spring up in places that can support life: valleys, lakes, and riverbeds.

Phoenix at Twilight
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Because of this, much of the state is left empty, but there has to be somewhere the most empty, right?

The Most Isolated Town in Arizona

First on the list is the most isolated community in the state. Most population centers are usually within a close proximity to other cities or towns. This allows for a sharing of culture, ideas, and more importantly, creating a bigger community.

Supai Village in the Grand Canyon
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Some folks just want to be left alone though, an there's no better example than Supai, a native community located within the Grand Canyon. It's considered the most remote community in the continental United States, and is so remote that mail is still delivered by mule.

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The Middle of Nowhere in Arizona

Maintaining a community that lives so detached from the rest of humanity is a fascinating part of Arizona's history and culture, but since there's still a man-made community there, it doesn't take the top spot.

The empty expanse of an Arizona desert
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That would go to a point in Navajo nation, near the Arizona/Utah border. This is, geographically, the furthest away from civilization you can get in Arizona. It's a nearly 11 and a half hour drive to the nearest city, which would be Page, AZ.

GPS Coordinates for the most remote place in Arizona
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If you plan on taking a road trip to this place, be prepared to be disappointed. It is the most remote location in the state for a reason, there's nothing going on there!

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