If you ever get the chance to travel to Europe, I have a request of you. Right as the sun is going down, open the windows of whatever hotel or AirBnB you're staying in and just listen.

A European city street at night
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The sounds of conversation, arguments, deals and music will flood your eardrums. Street performing has become so ingrained in European culture that they have become inseparable.

What's stopping Arizona from becoming the same?

The Legality of Street Performing in Arizona

Despite the lack of street performers seen on a daily basis, Arizona is actually incredibly lax when it comes to allowing busking in the state. Arizona residents have the right to gather and protest, and that bleeds over into allowing street performances.

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The issue comes when attempting to play with a larger group. While most counties across the state allow it, you will still need a permit for larger ensembles.

Cities That Love Street Performing

Obviously Phoenix, the crown jewel of Arizona's cities, loves street performances. They're very easy to find walking the streets later in the afternoon/early at night. The city also has art fairs periodically, that allows performers to set up alongside vendors and other entertainment.

A street fair
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Bisbee, further south in the state, is another massive advocate for street performing, with performances almost constantly. Walking through the winding streets of old Bisbee you're sure to find your new favorite musician playing on a corner or on a restaurant patio.

Downtown Bisbee
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If you're a musician and you want people to hear your work, street performing may be calling your name!


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