Going outside during the summer feels like there's no escape from the oppressive heat. Even pockets of shade or stores with Air Conditioning seem to do little to cool down the body enough to be comfortable.

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One activity may have the answer to all of your problems.

Ice Skating in Arizona

While you may not find a frozen pond anywhere in Phoenix this July, there's still plenty of opportunities to strap on some skates, and chill out on the ice across the Grand Canyon State.

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Not only are these great stops to cool off at, ice skating is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. Whether you want to feel like an Olympic figure skater, recreate the Miracle on Ice, or just learn how to stay upright for the first time, ice rinks are an activity the whole family can enjoy!

Deals Across the State

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Multiple rinks across the state, like Ice Den (Chandler and Scottsdale) and AZ Ice (Arcadia, Gilbert, and Peoria) have offered deals through the summer, lowering prices and offering lessons to younger kids to incentivize people to get out of the heat.

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Why Go Ice Skating?

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When temperatures are expected to be in the mid 110s for weeks on end, keeping cool is not just preferable, but necessary. For kids who still want an excuse to go do fun stuff while they're off for summer break, ice rinks are the perfect place to cut loose and have fun, while still reassuring the parents that they'll be safe.


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