Remember that age old saying, "don't take candy from strangers"? As we grow up, it becomes a fun joke, but we forget that this was a legitimate issue.

Girl takes a lollipop from a stranger in a car
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Through the 80s and 90s kids given laced candies were all over the news, forcing parents to try and protect their kids from dubious sweets.

Kids are getting laced candies from their parents now.

FDA Investigation on Diamond Shruumz

Starting on June 18th, the Food and Drug Administration began looking into Diamond Shruumz after six people in Arizona were sent to poison control for consuming their products. Those who became sick experienced seizures, loss of consciousness, abnormal heart rates, nausea, vomiting, and more.

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The FDA is recommending the products be avoided for the time being, as well as requiring stores to stop sales and contain all products until disposal methods can be determined.

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Protect Your Kids

While these candies are normal dangerous, they're also drug dangerous. If the name wasn't obvious, these candies are meant to simulate the effects of psychedelic mushrooms.

A simulation of a mushroom trip
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The issue with these, is that the candies are marketed to look just like any other chocolate bar, which attracts children to sneak a bite of their parents hidden candy stash.

I don't need to be the one to tell you, but small children taking powerful psychedelic drugs is a very very very bad thing. Regardless of the brand, keeping children away from mushroom candies, edibles, or any other drug infused foods is imperative.

A young boy sneaks a cookie out of the jar
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The safer families can be about the storage and security of their adult substances, the safer Arizona will become.



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