The Fourth of July is one of America's favorite holidays. From grilling burgers and brats to American flag themed shots, the Fourth is a day to celebrate being part of the greatest country on earth.

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The celebration is always capped with fireworks displays across the country as we remember the bombs exploding in the air as we defended our country from British invasion in 1812.

Unfortunately, our furry friends aren't too fond of bring explosions over and over again, so here's some last minute tips to keep them happy as you enjoy the show.

ID Your Pet

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One of the most common effects of fireworks is sending dogs into a frenzy, many of which, will bolt the second they're startled. By keeping your pet IDed with a collar or a microchip, you can ensure that even if they run off, you can find them.

Make Your Environment Comfortable

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If you plan on staying home make sure your dogs are able to settle down in an environment that won't stress them out any more. Keep them away from windows and doors, and make sure they have their favorite toys and treats with them to ensure a sense of familiarity.

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Play White Noise

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By playing white and/or ambient noise while the commotion is going on, owners can drown out the noise of the fireworks that tends to rile dogs up. Certain classical music can also help keep stress levels low (the calming stuff, not whatever Tchaikovsky was going through).

Take a Walk

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Dogs love walks, so why not let them indulge earlier in the day when they won't be caught off guard by the loud noises and lights. By taking your dog out earlier, you'll relieve whatever stress they had, and hopefully keep them calmer when the action starts outside.

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Anxiety Wraps

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Much like human children, dogs become much calmer when swaddled. There are plenty of excellent "weighted shirts" that can keep dogs much calmer, but even an extra T-Shirt will do the trick.

With all that said, I hope you and your pups have a fun, festive, and safe Fourth!

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