Arizona summers are no joke. Reaching the low 100s almost every day for months straight has caused a litany of problems across the state.

From hundreds of heat stroke and dehydration victims, to failing infrastructure, summers here are straight out of a cosmic horror story.

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There's one thing that may be affected by the heat that's going to make your life a lot harder.

Car Battery Failure

If you think about your car heating up during the summer months, you're likely mostly just concerned about the temperature inside your car when you get in, and who can blame you? But your car battery is suffering far worse than your black leather interior.

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Summers are brutal for car batteries. The extreme heat will drain the battery and produce more sulfates than usual. For every 15 degrees (Fahrenheit) that the temperature raises, your battery will love half of its lifespan. Add that up over weeks of extreme heat, and your car battery won't last more than a month.

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How to Avoid The Problem

This is a huge problem! Car batteries are expensive, and replacing them is a hassle! Luckily, protecting your battery from the elements is quite simple.

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First off, make sure to park or store your car in the shade. This will drastically decrease the average temperature around your battery, thus killing it much slower. If a parking garage or other overhang isn't available, try to use trees or any other naturally occurring shade to keep your car cool.

Second, make sure to clean and maintain your battery. Dust and corrosion can be a killer, worsening the systems meant to prevent energy leaks. If your battery is one that needs water, make sure to refill it periodically, or its systems will likely begin to deteriorate.

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With all that information, you should be set to protect your battery from the Arizona sun's wickedness, happy driving!

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