There's no place more synonymous with the arts than Hollywood, California. Home of the American film industry, Hollywood's been pumping out major motion pictures since the early 20th century.

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Their output in the century of film history has begun lacking in recent years, and audiences have begun to gravitate to indie filmmaking to see real stories, made by real people.

Arizona is starting to become a hotspot for excellent indie film.

Film Festival Heaven

If there's one thing Arizona has no shortage  of, it's film festivals. Whether it's the western-themed Tombstone International Film Festival, Film Fest Tucson, or the Phoenix Film Festival, creators from all over the world come to Arizona to show off their works of art and passion.

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The sheer volume of film festivals across the state breeds creativity. More and more artists are picking up cameras and lights and making their dreams come true one step at a time. These festivals give a voice to unheard of creatives, and their inclusion in these festivals can grow their exposure tenfold.

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Proven Talent

we know that festivals can give a name to smaller creatives, but a new Hollywood can't be built without established names. That's where Chris LaMont comes in.

Phoenix native and Arizona State University professor, LaMont has dedicated his free time to creating independent films that he wants to make. His latest endeavor, The Inheritance, is a horror film based around an elderly billionaire fearing for his life. It's LaMont's fifth feature film, and will be releasing in theatres on July 12th.

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There's still a long way to go, but having established directors and a culture that encourages independent filmmaking may bring Arizona into their own golden age of film.


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