Arizona's housing crisis is not getting better. Homes are becoming harder and harder to come by and well-paying jobs seem impossible to find.

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Arizona legislators have noticed concern for this rising, and finally decided to do something about it.

It was shot down anyways.

Arizona Starter Homes Act

With rent prices rising, it was time for the government to step in. They drafted the Arizona Starter Homes Act, meant to help alleviate the load on those looking for housing.

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The act would force larger cities to cancel any minimum size requirement for housing lots, allowing for the development of smaller, more affordable homes. The act would also ban HOAs from setting paint and material standards.

With all of these changes put into effect, Arizona would have the power to truly fix the issue facing many younger Arizona residents, and as the bill made it farther through the House and Senate, people had hope.

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Too Good To Be True

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It seems that Arizona legislators flew too close to the sun when the ASHA was drafted. The bipartisan bill had been drastic, but that came from necessity to help the people in their state who need help.

Governor Katie Hobbs had different thoughts on the bill than the rest of her coworkers however. On March 18th, she vetoed the rising act, stating that the bill was a step too far".

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She saw the bill as too aggressive with an unclear endpoint that she was uncomfortable passing through. While her motives may have ben pure, this veto killed a very promising bill, and Arizona residents are going to be looking for something to take its place.

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