This year is The TMC Mega Raffle's 11th annual fundraiser for Tuscon Medical Center. Every year they give out fabulous prizes. We chatted on the air with Kathy from the TMC Mega Raffle to break it down.
What will the fundraiser pay for this year?
Kathy: "I think we can all feel so proud of the net dollars. To date, we've raised about 13 million dollars that has gone back to patient care programs literally from birth to end of life at Tucson Medical Center, so everyone, when you buy that ticket by going to TMC mega even if you don't win these dollars are truly, truly making a difference, and frankly, miracles are happening every day because of those dollars."
What are the prizes this year?
Kathy: "We've got a house again this year. We weren't able to have one last year, but we do have a house again beautiful Sterling home, and the lucky winner will either take the home or take $650,000 cash, and grand prize #2 is up $150,000 cash, and then we've got to talk about those earlier private grading you've got early bird prize #1A lucky winner will be heading to see the Northern Lights in Iceland along with $50,000 for their prize #2 they'll be heading to Paris along with $50,000 so again odds of winning a prize one in 20 no prize is less than the cost of the ticket."
Is there a 50/50 raffle this year?
KATHY: "If people go on to the website now,, right at the top, you're going to see that jackpot is climbing by the day. We are already at $800,000, so I think that thing is going to break a million this year."
How do we get tickets?
Kathy: "It's easy, go to and check out all the prizes. Also, you can call 1-800-395-8805, and if I could add one more thing, I want to remind everyone that for the last couple years, we've been selling out earlier and earlier, don't wait until the deadline that you'll see on your brochure go ahead and get your tickets fast because if they're gone, it will be another year before we're back."


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