It’s time to take your Christmas Tree down. We know some of you will keep the yard decorations up for several months. (We’re not judging you). The tree is probably pretty dry, so now is a good time.  

You can keep that tree out of the land fill and do it for FREE. It’s a great way to help the local community and the entire planet by recycling your Christmas tree. 

But there are some rules: 

Christmas trees without decorations can be recycled free of charge by dropping them off at the City’s Compost Facility on Highway 90. The trees will be turned into high quality compost available for purchase by the truck load at the Compost Facility. 

Please remember to remove all tinsel, lights, and ornaments. Only live trees can be recycled, so do not drop off artificial trees. 

Christmas tree recycling is available through Saturday, Jan. 28. This free drop off service is available to all Cochise County residents. 

City of Sierra Vista refuse customers also have the option to schedule a free curbside pickup for their Christmas tree by calling (520) 458-7530 by Monday at 5:00 p.m. for a Wednesday pickup. These special Christmas tree pickups can also be scheduled by filling out a green waste pickup request form available at by searching for the “Green Waste & Compost” page. 

The Sierra Vista Compost Facility is located at 7201 E. Highway 90. It is open Monday and Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

Photo Credit Canva
Photo Credit Canva


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