In 2007, Disney/Pixar released one of their most critically acclaimed films: Ratatouille. The story of a rat who loves to cook captivated millions worldwide, and showed that rats aren't the disease carrying monsters they've been seen as.

A rat in a chefs hat slices cheese
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Regardless of the film's success, people still don't love finding rats in their home. That may be an issue for Arizonans this summer.

Rats are Infesting Arizona Homes

As the summer months creep in, Arizona homeowners are finding rats in their homes more and more frequently. While they may not be the plague carriers they were in the middle ages, rats are still incredibly unwelcomed guests.

Rat peeking out of a hole
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Why are they breaking and entering into Arizona homes? Same reason you would, it's hot outside! Rats, as mammals, are particularly averse to hotter temperatures, so they'll do whatever they have to to escape from the blazing Arizona sun.

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How are These Rats Entering Homes?

You may wake up one morning to find a rat or two roaming your home. "How could that be??" you may be asking yourself, "I never saw them come in!".

Rat crawling into a hole
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Because of their smaller size, rats and other rodents can sneak into homes much easier than many other animals. There do seem to be two standard ways they've been breaking and entering, however.

Brown rats are more likely to be found in trees, which they can use to climb to higher floors. When looking for an escape from the sweltering heat, brown rats will climb trees, and use that height to enter small holes near your attics. Black rats on the other hand, have been climbing through pipes and drains by chewing through them before crawling to freedom.

Rat walks into a mousetrap
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While there is not much you can do to stop their entrance, the best you can do is set traps, and call exterminators to examine your property.


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