Jeopardy is one of the most popular game shows on air. Formerly hosted by the illustrious Alex Trebek, contestants are asked to give the question to a trivia answer in return for money.

Contestants are expected to know even the most obscure facts in order to make it far into the contest, but even these superhuman minds can be stumped.

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Questions About Arizona that Completely Stumped 'Jeopardy' Contestants

Jeopardy throws some of the smartest people on earth in the ring to answer trivia questions about anything and everything. Lets see how well those contestants know the Grand Canyon State.

Biggest Celebrities From Arizona

Arizona's impact goes further than its natural wonders. Here are some of the biggest names to come out of the Grand Canyon state.

Gallery Credit: Christopher Cappiali

10 Unexpected Dangers in Arizona

Having recently moved to the Grand Canyon state, I expected to be surprised by somethings, but here are the top-10 dangers of living in the state I never saw coming.

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