Child Support is an integral part of our legal system. By defining paternity, courts have every right to order people to pay a certain amount for children that they are not raising.

Family divides up child support
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When it's obvious that someone is dodging the courts, they are typically served their papers and ordered to come to court.

Sometimes not even that's enough.

What Does it Mean to 'Be Served'?

Typically, when someone has been avoiding their court orders, they'll be served their legal documents by members of the community. This is one of the most fun jobs you can have, essentially putting yourself in a character in order to trick the person into taking the papers.

Man hands a paper to another man that says "You've Been Served"
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People tend to have fun with this, acting as pizza delivery boys, contest hosts, and a litany of other characters that will effectively sucker in the poor recipient.

many will try to avoid getting served if they know it's coming. They'll do so by hiding in their house, lying about who they are, or staying with friends or family. This leads to some Spy vs. Spy antics that can't always be resolved.

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Serving Them WHERE?

Man looks shocked in a courtroom
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Recently, nose tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs, Mike Pennel, was served, and asked to appear in court to receive his child support order. The issue is, he didn't show.

This was believed to be intentional, but it was anything but. As it turns out, Pennel was never truly served. The court realized that the case may be thrown out, and asked the mother of the child to send the case over Instagram Direct Messaging.

Instagram app open on someone's phone
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Pennel claims to have never seen the case, stating that, as an NFL player, he receives thousands of DMs every month, and usually doesn't check all of them. Pennel's lawyer stated that he was more than happy to make payments, if he had ever officially received the papers for it.

The case was thrown out, but Pennel is keen on continuing to make payments.


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