Arizona is home to some of the most breathtaking and groundbreaking attractions in not just the country, but on the planet. The numerous national and state parks, bustling cities, and quaint, eccentric towns make it one of a kind.

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Now the Grand canyon State can add literary superiority to its long list of achievements.

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Page Public Library

Google Earth Street View of the Page Public Library
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Located just south of the Utah/Arizona border in Page, AZ, the Page Public Library has been a staple of the small town for decades. Boasting a caring and thoughtful staff, impactful outreach programs, and immensely popular activities, the Page Public Library is a large voice in a small body.

Serving a population of less than 8,000, Page Public Library is considered a "small" library compared to its brothers and sisters in Phoenix and Tucson. Don't look past this local gathering place though, because its influence is mighty.

Best Library in the Country

Archway through library bookshelves
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Because of its constant state of servitude to the community and welcoming attitude, the Page Public Library was named the best small library in America. The requirement is solely to serve a population of under 25,000 and provide exemplary service to those in the community.

This was the first time the honor was awarded since 2019, as the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic harmed public library outreach. Ironically, the last library to receive the award was another Arizona establishment: The Copper Queen Library in Bisbee.

Chris Cappiali/TSM
Chris Cappiali/TSM

With two wins in a row (albeit years apart), Arizona is making a name for itself as the literary capital of the United States.

The next time you find yourself with extra time on your hands, take a trip to one of Arizona's libraries, you can't go to any others like them.

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