I hated high school. I focused on my studies, and was bullied quite a lot. All that to say, I couldn't WAIT for college. A fresh new start, new friends, and more importantly, it meant my hours and hours of studying would pay off.

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Luckily, my senior year I had the opportunity to begin dual enrollment at the local community college. It helped me more than I could ever know.

What is Dual Enrollment?

For those unaware, dual enrollment is basically college before college. High school students at certain schools in certain districts have the opportunity to sign up for college classes at local colleges to gather college credits before graduation.

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This is an incredibly helpful way to get a jump start on the monumental freshman year workload. Students can learn how college classes work, balance of school/life, and head into college with more credits than their peers, allowing for a smoother transition overall.

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Arizona is Pushing Teachers to Promote Dual Enrollment

In order to attract more students to dual enrollment programs across the state, the Helios Education Foundation has begun offering incentives for educators to begin teaching dual enrollment courses.

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If certified to teach dual enrollment courses between now and June 2025, teachers will receive a $1,000 check for their efforts. With a larger selection of teachers, more classes will be available which will hopefully draw more students in.

This is an incredibly important program for students wanting to go or thinking about going to college that will allow them to see what lies ahead on their journey.

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If you are an educator and interested in becoming certified for dual enrollment, visit elevateedaz.com

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