When you start a business, your first and only goal is usually to make as much money, garner as much influence as possible. It's the American Dream, just about anyone can make a startup in their garage and become the wealthiest person on earth because of it.

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When trying to rank companies, there's no better list than the Fortune 500: the list of the most profitable companies in America.

Arizona's made their mark on it.

How Do You Get Into the Fortune 500

While it may seem like a game you have to play, like the Oscars or Grammys, getting into the Fortune 500 list on any given year is relatively straightforward.

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All that you need, is to make sure your company is for-profit, publicly traded or privately held, and be based in the United States, filing your financial statements with a U.S. government agency.

The last step? Make sure you make enough money to be one of the 500 most profitable companies in America, and you're in!

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What Arizona Companies Made the List in 2024?

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At the top of the list for the Grand Canyon State is Avnet, an electronics manufacturer based in Phoenix. The company made over $26.5 Billion in revenue last year, pushing them up 6 spots to number 157.

After that, comes Freeport-McMoRan at 178, Republic Services at 276, Reliance at 280, Carvana at 377, Insight Enterprises at 427, Microchip Technology at 447, ON Semiconductor at 452, Taylor Morrison Home at 483 and Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings at 495.

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Opendoor Technologies, an online real estate site, fell out of the top 500 this year,, falling just on the bubble at number 508.



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