When I was in High School, my friends and I used to hang out at my buddy Cam's house. His parents lived on a narrow street in their neighborhood, and their driveway was always full, so I'd have to resort to parking along the curb.

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This is a fairly common experience for most drivers, when a driveway is full, we take advantage of the street we're given.

But is it fully legal?

Is Parking on the Curb Legal in Arizona?

Luckily for those of us with friends that always have a full driveway, yes, parking along the curb is legal in Arizona. There is, however, some specific rules to follow to avoid a ticket or towing.

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Firstly, the right hand wheels must be parallel to the curb, so it's a no go for those of you who wanted to park perpendicular and block the street from anyone else. Secondly, there must be no more than 18 inches between the curb and the wheel. This stops cars from being parked in the middle of the road, once again blocking the road from others.

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Are There Exceptions to the Rule?

Like any great rule, there's plenty of exceptions, though they can only be used if given a permit by local authority.

One Way Sign
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If on a one-way street, you can be given permission to park (still within 18 inches) on the left hand curb. Local authority may also permit angle parking on any roadway, given that it is not a highway. Lastly, official signs may be placed on curbs prohibiting parking on any roadway they see fit.

No parking sign
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These exceptions are rare cases, and are few and far between. Luckily, these also aren't situations you expect to get in daily, so you'll be safe parking on the curb like normal.

[AZ Statute 28-874]

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