These days, it seems like clean energy is more of a nuisance than anything else. With electric vehicles taking over the roads, and solar panels coating rooftops, we still have yet to see any massive return.

Solar panels coating a roof
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The state of Arizona wants to change that conception by making clean energy more productive than the alternative.

Cleaning Rural Arizona's Grid

There is likely no harder worker in the world than rural American workers. It's through their labor that the pedestal of the U.S. economy stands. These jobs are typically brutal work, with very little return, and on top of that, much of their work drains the power grid, raising the cost of energy across the board.

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This not only hurts the workers, but those in their community. It seemed though, that there was no better way, so we've stayed the course. While clean energy seemed optimistic, it was also not an easy task to implement it in a way that works.

One federal grant changed everything.

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Batteries, but Better... Betteries!

A federal grant has just made its way to rural Arizona communities, and that money has a plan. The $55.2 Million will be split up between Sahuarita, Mohave, and Cochise to finance new facilities that house battery energy storage systems.

Storage containers with solar panels
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The system starts with solar panels across the county, sucking up all the sunlight they can, and sending it off to these facilities, which in turn, will power the county's electrical grid. This is an insanely cost-effective way to power the grid, and will translate to lower bills for everyone.

Energy bills
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The new energy will also allow farmers and ranchers to hire more hands, bringing more jobs to Cochise County than ever before.


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