The greatest trick the devil ever played was making bears the cutest animals on earth. Despite their fluffy bodies, cute, rounded ears, and unstoppable curiosity, bears are some of the deadliest creatures roaming the planet.

Bar cub hanging on a tree
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Bear attacks are almost a death sentence if you're not prepared correctly, and one Arizona family found that out the hard way.

Arizona's Latest Bear Attack

An Arizona family was shocked while out visiting a cabin on their family's property in Alpine recently. The family stated that their 15-year-old son was watching YouTube in the cabin with the front door open for a slight breeze when disaster struck.

A stuffed bear in a house
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A black bear had made its way inside the cabin and proceeded to attack the son. Luckily, the bear only got about two swipes, scratching his nose, cheek, and forehead. The bear was found by animal control, and is being tested for disease.

Despite being rattled, the family is safe and ready to move on from this horrifying experience.

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How to Protect Yourself from Bears

A caution sign for bears in the area
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Bears may be scary, but it's not impossible to survive a bear encounter, in fact, it's relatively easy.

Firstly, identify yourself as a human, so the bear knows you're not their normal prey. After that, stay calm and SLOWLY wave your arms above your head as to not scare the bear further. Wile doing this, make yourself look as big as possible by gaining high ground and puffing your chest out. Lastly, slowly leave the area, and do not drop your bags.

A young girl hugging a teddy bear
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While bear attacks are horrifying to think about, luckily they're not all that common, and only two attacks in the past 34 years have been fatal. Regardless, always hike with a group, stay safe, and enjoy everything the Arizona wilderness has to offer.


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