One of the most popular museums in the United states is the Museum of Natural History in New York City. The main attraction, of course, is their array of fossilized dinosaur bones, perfectly reconstructed to give you a sense of their prehistoric presence.

T-Rex Skeleton
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A new museum has just opened in Arizona, and while it may not be showing Dinosaur bones, it still showcases something they left behind.

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What is the 'Poozeum'?

Arizona's newest museum is certainly one of a kind. Started by George Frandsen, the museum came as an extension of his world record. What is his world record, you may ask?

Fossilized Poo
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The largest fossilized poop collection in the world. Yes, you heard me right.

He looked his collection, and realized that there might be an educational side to this collection, which led him to open a museum showing off his findings.

Why Start a Poop Museum?

Man shrugs his shoulders
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Frandsen has been interested in fossilized feces since he was 18, noticing some Coprolites (the scientific name for fossilized poop) in a rock store in Utah.

Since then, he began building his collection, finally earning a world record in 2015 with 1,277 fossils. He now owns over 8,000 pieces of prehistoric poo, and has put them on display in Williams, AZ.

Woman looking at Museum Exhibit
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He stated he wanted to make this museum a reality because he noticed a distinct lack of the excrement in most museums. He initially created virtual exhibits and loaned some physical pieces to museums across the globe, but decided to just make his own.

While being fun for kids (especially the feces themed gift shop), the museum is also incredibly informative, showing why researching these fossils is worthwhile.



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