Getting pulled over by Law Enforcement can be stressful, but remain calm. Here are a few tips when you have the flashing red and blue lights behind you.

First, pull over to the right as soon as it is safe. Turn off your vehicle and roll down your window. The officer will introduce himself or herself and tell you what department they are with.  They will ask for your paperwork.

Have your driver's license, registration, and insurance information easily accessible. This is one you can plan ahead for. Keep these documents in a location, such as the glove box, so you don't have to start digging for them. Throw away old your documents, only have the current ones, otherwise you are shuffling through papers and adding to your stress. 

When the officer approaches your vehicle, keep your hands on the steering wheel or in plain sight so the officer can see them. Do not get out of your car, remain seated and wait for the officer. Sometimes an officer will approach from the passenger side, especially on a busy road, roll down the passenger side window.

Don't argue with the Deputy, Officer or Trooper. You can contest the ticket later in court. It's best to listen to tee law enforcement officer and comply with their requests. 

If you get a ticket, sign it. They will tell you, signing a ticket is not an admission of guilt, it's only a promise to appear in court or pay the fine. 

Photo Credit Grady Butler, CANVA
Photo Credit Grady Butler, CANVA

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