A woman on TikTok got an interesting surprise while remodeling her bathroom.

In a viral video posted over the weekend, TikTok user @kyndal_bret revealed the moment she discovered a mysterious dog had poked its head through a hole in her bathroom floor.

"I'm literally shaking right now. I heard something from the bed... It's like 6:30 in the morning, and I heard something in our bathroom that we're remodeling," she shared, revealing a smiley yellow Labrador Retriever with its head stuck in her bathroom floor.

"This is not my dog!" she exclaimed before panning over to show a smaller dog, which she actually owns.

"Sweet baby, how did you get there? How did this happen? And what do I do about it? I mean, he's chill. How do I get this sweet dog out of my floor?" she continued, confused.

Despite the sticky situation, the dog seemed to be in happy spirits as it grinned up at the TikToker from a hole in the floor.

Watch below:

"Chill, he’s just the local inspector and making sure your remodel is up to code," one person joked in the comments section of the video.

"The way your dog just side-eyes the floor dog..." another commented.

"The literal earth is giving you a new dog," someone else quipped.

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In an video update, the woman revealed she was able to free the dog by "wiggling" her hand into the hole and removing its collar, which had become stuck.

"My husband came home and opened our crawl space up — I don't know how he got down there in the first place — and my husband crawled underneath the house and called for him, and he came," she continued.

She also shared that she set the dog up with a bed, food and water in her garage so they could wait out a storm before finding its home.

In another video, she revealed the dog is named Lulu, her favorite food is cheese and she was picked up by her owner after her adventurous day out.

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