Chris Stapleton's ex-girlfriend was willing to go a little further than most women to get revenge. A new skit on Saturday Night Live finds him on the receiving end of a breakup anthem called "Get That Boy Back."

  • Chris Stapleton was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on Saturday (April 13).
  • Ego Nwodim, Chloe Fineman and Chloe Troast star in a digital short loosely based on Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats."
  • Host Ryan Gosling also appears in the skit.

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The premise to "Get That Boy Back" is simple and familiar to country fans. It's a revenge song that makes perfect listening after you've been cheated on, and the three actors / vocalists begin by listing a few aggressive methods to get back at him: Keying his car, getting into peak physical shape so he has regrets, etc ...

Chloe Troast's character goes a little further, and that's where Stapleton comes in. She begins to gaslight him by replacing his shoes with pairs one-half size larger every two weeks, so he thinks he's shrinking.

Then she paints herself to match his mother's walls and starts whispering to her at night to scare her, to the point that she moves in with her son.

Watch for yourself — longtime Chris Stapleton fans know this SNL skit is not his first hilarious moment on TV.

"Get That Boy Back" ends in a surprising way. Stapleton's character hadn't cheated at all — he was only texting his sister!

His comedic timing is very good throughout the song and he more than pulls off the role of victimized ex-boyfriend. Fans also get to see Stapleton with his beard in a ponytail, which is new.

In 2016, Stapleton showed he could tell a joke: A bonus appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! finds him taking the words you hate the most and turning them into songs you love. Song titles include "Panties," "Ladyfriend," "Vajayjay," and the "breakout love song of 2016," a song called "Moist and Juicy."

This faux-album was titled "Cringeworthy."

During his appearance on SNL, Stapleton performed two songs: "White Horse" and "Mountains of My Mind."

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