• Long-term drought conditions are changing the way some in Arizona feel about grass lawns
  • Lower rainfall and higher temperatures are causing drought conditions throughout Arizona 
  • Some Arizona cities are banning grass lawns

Changing Climate in Arizona

If you spent any time in the Phoenix area this summer, you now have a new definition of what heat means. During the summer of 2023, Phoenix logged 104 days where the temperature reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. And on 29 of those days, it was at least 110 degrees.

drought in Arizona

The heat combined with the ongoing drought is causing some Arizona cities to rethink Arizona's ongoing drought and water conservation efforts. Cities like Scottsdale have begun to implement limits on using natural grass in landscaping.

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It's Time to Stop Bringing Ohio to the Desert

In the Midwest and other parts of the country, grass is much easier to grow. Many who transplant here want beautiful, lush lawns. But in the desert, this non-native plant requires a lot of water to maintain.

xeriscape landscaping in arizona

Desert gardening organizations and water conservationists encourage an alternative form of landscape, called xeriscaping. Xeriscaping implements low-water-use plants and uses the landscape itself to channel water to plants, which decreases the need for outside irrigation.

Banning Grass to Save Water in Some Arizona Cities

Cities like Scottsdale have begun to implement a ban on natural grass in front yards of future single-family homes in an effort to conserve water.

Alternative lawns in Arizona

In Phoenix, there's an ongoing anti-lawn movement. Citizens there encourage alternative lawns. The concept asks people to replace lawns with more sustainable options. Everything from xeriscaping to planting "usable" plants like vegetables and herbs to create even more attractive alternatives to grass.

Is Climate Change Forcing This Change, Or Something Else?

Some who live in Arizona point to climate change as part of the reason for the ongoing drought. Whether you believe this to be the case or not, Arizona's arid climate has always posed a challenge for anyone and anything that chooses to live here.

Will Arizona ban grass lawns

What do you think? Should the government ban the use of grass in landscaping or should we consider other ideas?

Scottsdale bans lawns for new homes built in Arizona

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